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Working with Big Splash Studio for contract sign design:

Need to produce a sharp design to sell your signs, but don't need the overhead of an in-house art department? Contracting your sign design with Big Splash Studio is the way to go.

Most sign companies work with us by email.

  • Send a purchase order with the description of the job and parameters of the sign.
  • Attaching photos of the building the sign is representing or where the sign will be located is helpful and we can often show building signs on the actual building photo.
  • Remember to send your company's logo or title block. Once your title block is created, we keep it on file for future jobs.

Design rates are $85 an hour (rounded to the nearest 1/4 hour). Let us know if your job has a budget and we’ll be sure to stay in it.

  • Most jobs that require a completely new design and artwork are estimated at approximately 2 hours.
  • Standard signs with artwork provided are usually 1/2 - 1 hour. Less if you supplied the logos.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover & American Express. Your card is kept on file and auto-billed every 30 days for the balance on your account. A billing statement will still be sent to you for your records. Credit card information must be phoned or faxed to us.

Credit card form.

Most jobs can be turned around in 24-48 hours, and rush jobs can be accommodated.

A printable/emailable PDF file is provided of the design for your presentation. When requested, we can provide the necessary cut and print files.

Send your questions and job requests to



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